Games TM April 2006
“To say that we were surprised just how enjoyable this book was .. is a bit of an understatement- we got a rollercoaster ride… 5 out of 5”
Philadelphia City Paper November 17-23, 2005 by J. Edward Keyes
“…fascinating and improbably hilarious… Navigating the history of computer companies is tricky business, but Bagnall keeps the book from becoming circuit porn for Byte! buffs by focusing on the characters rather than the technology.” by Retro Rogue
“As a business profile book, On The Edge easily holds its own against others in the field. … I can’t give it enough praise for shedding the light on a lot of the misinformation and stories that grew over the years about this company and the people involved.”
ITtoolbox by Payton Byrd
“Bagnall brings the facts, calls other authors and Hollywood to task, and sets the record straight in this 561 page masterpiece. Bagnall was given incredible access to many of the most influential people inside of Commodore … frank, enlightening and refreshing.”
Advance Praise
Cameron Davis aka Gazunta Magazine writer, industry commentator, and game developer.
“Funny, insightful and inspiring… Absolutely essential reading for anyone with an interest in the business behind the home computer boom… It’s a real page turner! I really enjoyed reading it. It’s obvious you have done a LOT of ground work. I really felt like I was part of the experience.”
Ian Matthews,
“…the level of detail is impressive … well written and interesting … I quite like it.”
Jim Butterfield Author and journalist
“…a detailed look at the people and the technology that made the home computer explosion happen… It’s an excellent document, containing a lot of material I hadn’t heard before.”
Robert Bernardo President of the Fresno Commodore User Group
“Very well-written! I’m impressed at how you’ve gathered so much information and put it into a readable form.”